John speaks at Connected Audience 2019

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The Connected Audience Conference occurs every two years, and convenes cultural professionals, researchers and policy makers to engage in discussion about how to build and engage audiences in cultural organizations (museums, theatres, symphonies etc.).

In the 21st century, successful cultural institutions need to be open spaces, acting as places and partners for learning, social cohesion and well-being in a changing world. We need to find new ways to ensure a strong audience focus in the culture sector, and for this approach to be considered a key to an institution’s culture.

To explore these challenges the Institute for Learning Innovation (USA), in collaboration the Institute for Research on Cultural Participation (Germany), bring together experts, researchers and practitioners from the global culture sector. Check back here, or sign up for more information about our upcoming conference, in April 2022: Exploring the Evidence for Cultural Institutions‘ Relevance 

2019 Conference