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Connected Audience Conference

27 to 29 April 2022

The international biennial conference provides inspiring discussions and productive interactions between its various participants and facilitators. This approach offers a role model of our vision of how cultural organizations can connect with their multiple audiences. There will be a minimum of talking heads and a maximum of participant engagement. We seek to create a facilitating and stimulating atmosphere with a strong dialogical approach. Participants will gain relevant experiences and insight for their professional practice.

The main goal of the conference is to examine how audience research and evaluation can support cultural institutions in gaining a greater understanding of their audiences. By using these tools, institutions will be able to increase participation and better inform their strategic development and overall cultural practice.

Online Conference 2022

Under the title “Exploring the Evidence for Cultural Institutions‘ Relevance” the Connected Audience Conference 2022 will address the pressing issue of Public Value and Relevance.

Find more information about the program and registration on the official Conference Website: